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A Grandiose Fanfare  『慶』

31 channels sound installation

Against a stage setting reminiscent of imperial opulence, symphonies of music are conveyed through a 31-channels sound system coupled with the sound created by a set of 12 inflated balloons to complement the grand fireworks performance, boosting a majestic ambience of sound and senses.


Does the sound of popping balloons remind you of a fireworks display or a battlefield with gunfire? An utterance of sound conjures up a multitude of meanings as it relates to the variety of space and thoughts.  Leaving aside the intended style and structure of such sound, one wonders if the very same sound lends itself to another dimension of meaning and imagination?


To cultivate the sense of grandeur, an air of opulence will be instilled into the stage setting; the scene will be immensed with the sound of fireworks which in itself is symbolic of fanfare in modern times. Further, a set of 12 balloons each producing a unique sound, technically maneuvered and remixed, will offer a dynamic musical complement, which resembles while at the same time stands out, from the fireworks performance. The sound of fireworks thus enters one's realm of imagination without the corresponding scenery.  This work comprises an 12-minutes musical movement, derived from the structure of the 1997 fireworks in celebration of Hong Kong's return to China, with the system setup that corresponds to the firing of each shot,  followed by the explosions in scattered forms, to sparkles falling onto the grounds, reducing to dust.  On a similar theme, the sound system comprises three parts - a large base speaker, 12 sets of outdoor speakers with controlling mechanical installations, and 18 sets of open-close mechanical speakers; all installations are dynamically positioned to achieve maximal effects, while projecting a strong sense of congeniality.


The essence of this work is to cultivate an extraordinary experience of sound and imagination through a grandiose setting and a novel touch of sound effects delivered by a 31-channel installations. Through the opulent fanfare of celebration and the joyful sound of fireworks, delivered via the 31-channels sound installation, extraordinary audio visual effects are thereby achieved, which transcend  the cognitive impact of mere instruments and sound.


為了營造一個極重大慶典,這作品特以堂皇華麗的佈局作為背景,並選擇了煙花的聲響作為靈感,因為煙花是現代慶典常用的工具,代表着一種大張旗鼓的氣氛;然後運用12個氣球的不同聲音,以精準的配器方法,重新為香港的煙花匯演整合一條新的聲道,氣球的聲音用不同的演奏技巧和電腦音效處理後,和原本煙花的聲效既相似又不一樣;疑似煙花的聲音,沒有畫面,聲音在這個空間又會呈現什麼意境?這個作品由一首8分鐘的樂章所組成,樂章結構來自香港九七回歸香煙花匯演,每組裝置都代表着發放煙花的不同步驟分別是發炮的第一響,然後煙花在空中爆發繼而擴散到不同位置,最後煙花熄滅化成灰燼墜落到地上;同樣地整個裝置設計也分為三個部份,分別是一座大型低音喇叭, 12組戶外型喇叭(大聲公)配合鐘擺機動裝置,以及18組開合式機動裝置喇叭,每組裝置的位置、數量、投射聲音的角度和佈局都經過深思熟慮,從而令整個裝置在空間內建構一種意義。



Concept, Installation Design, Sound Composition and Programming: GayBird

Set Design: Jan Wong

Lighting Design: Allen Fung

Kinetic Design: Kenny Wong

Electronic Engineer: Fung Wing Lam

Lighting Technician: Denzel Yung

Production Manager: Joyi Tsang

Production: OneEvent Production


Exhibition curator: Grace Cheung

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