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18 Scenes in a Cage 『籠裡的十八種風景』

-a performative experience of media, art and architecture

18 Scenes in a Cage started from a walk in Hong Kong Park next to the Cassels Block. The infrastructures inside the Park are so minimised and compressed as Hong Kong’s scenarios. The scene I felt the most unforgettable was an almost two-metre-high bird being trapped in an iron cage, from where it could not fly with its wings, but could only project its voices to thousand miles. This mirrors Hong Kong people’s life, as if there is no prospect but yet people can still see the sky, breathe in smog, sing out loud and patiently awaiting for the echoes fed back from afar.

Awakening all the memory cells of vA!, 18 Scenes in a Cage recalls the notes and sounds of more than 100 years that are stored in and around Cassels Block. It then echoes contemporary existence by staging 18 scenes that represent the 18 Hong Kong districts and reflect the rapid changes in Hong Kong people’s lives. Leading through various locations inside and outside the historic building, which serves as a cage accommodating all walks of life, a path of acoustic encounters and visual excitement revives and mirrors extraordinary memories and connects them to the emotions of the city. GayBird Leung will lead musicians and performers in different places on site to add a distinctive tone to his composition. Visitors will be immersed in a flow of experience combining all forms of art as they move through Cassel Block to the musical accompaniment, as the stories of different Hong Kong people from throughout the years come together in unison.

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