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Leung Kei-cheuk aka GayBird is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and electronic musician who explores the realms of sound through exquisitely created performances (experiences) and installations (sculptures). 

He was graduated with master degrees in creative media from Hong Kong City University (MPhil) and music composition and electro-acoustic music from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (MA). GayBird’s prolific career in the music world is reflected by his versatile roles as music director, composer and producer with several hundreds of works in music, concert and theatre produced since 1996. 


In 2011, GayBird started to examine the formats of performing electronic music and widen its possibilities in relation to ‘performativity’ and ‘liveliness on stage’ by creating Digital Hug (2011) and CouCou on Mars (2013) which were granted Bronze Award for new media experiment/performance in Hong Kong Design Award 2011, Best Electronic Music Artist in Chinese Music Media Awards 2012 and 2014, as well as Ten Outstanding Designers 2014. Both works were toured in major festivals worldwide. 


GayBird went on to explore the interrelationship between theatre space, media installation, surround-sound system, video and live music by delivering two commissioned works, One Zero presented by Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival in 2016 and 18 Scenes in a Cage presented by Hong Kong Visual Art Centre in 2018. One Zero is a visual-music assemblage in collaboration with award-winning film director Tsai Ming-Liang whose moving images were designed to highlight the interdisciplinary mechanism in the production. 18 Scenes in a Cage is a site-specific work set in a hundred-year-old cultural heritage in which definitions of architecture, media art and live performance were refreshed with new insights. 


In recent years, GayBird has shown a significant interest in sound installation and has gained critical success with extensive appearance in international exhibitions such as Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), OzAsia Festival (Adelaide), Digital Art Festival (Athens), EXIT Festival (Paris), Technology Art Festival (Taipei), IFVA Everywhere (HK) and Detour (HK). His innovative work Fidgety has received the 3D/Interactive Award in the renowned Lumen Prize (UK) in 2018.


GayBird’s skillful and wide-ranging practice of cross-boundary creativity has been a distinguished visionary in reinterpreting music-making over the years. By dissolving the traditional framework of understanding music, elevating the media from a singular platform for hearing and expanding audio culture in connection with visual art, mechanical engineering, electronic programming, instrument crafting and installation art, the artist continues to make music as a comprehensive, integrated and total experience for all to enjoy. 


出生於香港,獲香港城市大學創意媒體學院哲學碩士 (創意媒體) 及 香港演藝學音樂碩士 (作曲及電子音樂)。一直以來以音樂總監、作曲、編曲及監製身分參與過數百個不同種類的音樂會、劇場作品及唱片製作。


自2011年起,基爵稍稍離開流行音樂領域,開始探索有關電子音樂演出形式上的不同可能,拓闊電子音樂演出的「現場性」及「表演性」,因而創作了新媒體音樂演出《電紫兔/克》(2011) 及《火星日常》(2013)。並獲香港設計師協會「環球設計大奬2011」銅獎、華語音樂傳媒大獎2012及2014「最佳電子藝人」,以及香港傳藝節「十大傑出設計師作2012」等等。 作品於世界不同藝術節巡迴演出。




近年基爵亦積極創作聲音媒體裝置,作品曾於奧地利 Ars Electronica Festival 、阿德萊德OzAsia Festival 、雅典數碼藝術節、法國 EXIT數碼電子藝術節 、台灣科技藝術展示會、香港 IFVA Everywhere 及創意匯聚十日棚等展出。裝置作品「忐忑」獲英國著名媒體藝術獎項 Lumen Prize 2018 的 3D/Interactive Award。



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