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A Human Concerto 《人類協奏曲》
Seems like… an AI Music Performance

The essence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) lies in its intelligence, that is, the ability to learn from big data models and generate wisdom. On the other hand, human beings process wisdom as well, embodied in their flesh, blood and breathing. Breathing reflects the needs, and needs impose limitations. On restless days, focusing on breathing brings us back to the basic instinct of being human. As intelligence is not exclusive to human, in an era where imagery is not a correct depiction of reality, the definition of “human” seems to seek for rethinking. The AI pioneer Joseph Weizenbaum remarked that the danger of Artificial Intelligence does not reside in machines thinking more and more like people, but in people thinking more and more like machines.

A Human Concerto is GayBird’s ninth large-scale multimedia musical production. When everyone is fascinated by how AI imitates and replicates existing models, this work regards artificial intelligence as a performer reflecting the present - "it" can be a speaker who needs not to breathe, a singer with an infinite vocal range, a narrator who understands ten languages, or an actor not confined by gender stereotypes. “It” momentarily collaborates and competes with live performers, interpreting the unique relationship between human beings and technology in a divesting, raveling, conflicting and balancing tug-of-war. Through breath-like pacing, fragmented pieces are assembled into a complete movement, leading the audience to explore the infinite possibilities of art combined with technology and creating a different sense of wholeness.

人工智能 (AI) 珍貴之處在於智能,也就是從大數據模型中學習並生成智慧;人類也有智慧,更有血有肉有呼吸,由呼吸體現了需要,由需要造成了局限;在心緒不寧的日子集中一呼一吸,回歸人之基本。既然知識不止是人類的產物,在這個有圖未必有真相的年代,除了眼見的事物外,好像連「人」的定義也要重新思考。人工智慧教父約瑟夫‧維森鮑姆 (Joseph Weizenbaum)認為AI的運算方式越來越像人類,但要是人類的思想反而越來越像機器,這就最危險了。


Creative Team


Concept, Installation, Music, Programmer & Performer


Musician & Performer

Emily Cheng



Anson Chan


Creative Producer

Vanissa Law


Video Designer

Kachi Chan


Set Designer

Bill Cheung


Lighting Designer

Denzel Yeung


Costume Designer

Sam Cheung

Zephyr Liu


Sound Designer

Ka Chun@Miso Tech Company Ltd.


Technical Designer

Mak Kwok Fai


Key Visual Designer

Po Hung



Yan Lam


Production Manager

Carmen Cheng




Presented and Produced by Machine & Art NOW Ltd.

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