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Another Music in Anticlockwise 『順時針逆行』

-a visual music performance

Our steps are hurried, as is the wheel of time. Before we could reflect on our past, the future is readily emerging in front of our eyes without a breathing space. The city seems to be calling out for help: is moving forward the only way out?
GayBird expands on his Music in Anticlockwise, shown in the OzAsia Festival 2017, to deconstruct pre-existing materials and develop a unique soundscape that belongs to this city. Distress signal as a theme, this art experience is driven by the connection and conflict within body and space. Interweaving media art, music performance, space design and installations, Another Music in Anticlockwise responds to the callings of the times with a journey, travelling from the futuristic landscape of psychedelic sound back to the classical music era.

Embrace the chance as our callings can still to be heard under the clear sky. Voyaging through the time tunnel of “now”, we wander along the past and the future, contemplating on the constant and the inconstant.
The first edition of the performance, Music in Anticlockwise, was curated and premiered at the OzAsia Festival 2017.

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