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Bird Code  『鳥語』

2 channels sound system, 8 custom made telephone speakers, 8 kinetic speakers system, programmed light system and generative video 

Bernie Krause, a soundscape ecologist, pointed out that the natural soundscapes of birds have been steadily declining over the past decades. On the other hand, research has shown that urban birds have been gradually increasing the frequency and amplitude of their songs to make their voices more audible. The sounds of nature and birds are closely intertwined with our world, like a mirror reflecting our life and state. If birds could freely express themselves, what questions would they ask? What would they tell us? This work uses the sounds of urban birds as materials and media, allowing their voices to reveal our world.

Originally belonging to nature, these sounds are now trapped within eight metal installations. While the audience can witness the process of sound production inside the installations, they can only listen to the sounds through telephone receivers. The natural order is no longer taken for granted. The bird sounds heard through the telephone receivers are processed by computers and artificial intelligence, sometimes resembling the voices of nature and other times resembling familiar linguistic elements. The process seems to translate the language of nature while interpreting another dimension of the urban environment.

The entire work is a 10-minute cyclic experience. At the beginning, the audience can freely choose to listen to different bird sounds through various telephone receivers. Towards the end, there will be a sudden and dramatic change in the environment's sounds, lights, and images, accompanied by an alarm signal emitted from all the installations.

聲音生態學學者 Bernie Krause 指出,過去數十年大自然的雀鳥聲浪在不斷下降,而令一邊廂,亦有研究顯示這數十年在城市裏的雀鳥,為了令自己的聲音容易被聽見,把聲音的頻率和聲浪逐步增加;大自然和雀鳥的聲音和我們的世界互相緊扣,像一面鏡子反映了我們生活和狀態,如果雀鳥能暢所欲言,它們會發問什麼?會跟我們說什麼?這作品運用城市中的雀鳥聲音作為素材和媒介,讓它們的聲音導出我們的世界。


原本屬於大自然的聲音, 用8個鐵皮裝置困着,觀眾雖然能見到裝置內發聲的過程,但只可利用電話筒聆聽看到的聲音,原本的自然定律不再理所當然,電話聽筒中所聆聽的雀鳥聲音經過電腦和人工智能處理,有時像大自然的語音,有時也像我們認知的字句,過程好像翻譯大自然的語言,同時間也像演繹另一種城市的訊息。



Concept, Installation Design, Sound Composition and Programming: GayBird

Lighting Design: Denzel Yung

Kinetic and Electronic Design: Fung Wing Lam

Video Design: Thomas Ip

Production Manager: Joyi Tsang

Production: OneEvent Production

*This work was commissioned by The Hong Kong Museum of Art

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