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CouCou on Mars  『火星日常』

-a visual music performance

Present Continuous of Past & Future

Our creation is about exploration of new media art, new instrument and performance format of electronic music, and they all associated with "technology". To some people, technology may still be something unthinkable and remote, but the fact is that we are indeed living with it in our everyday lives, and also using it in our artistic creation. To me, it is not merely tools, but also my inspiration source. It is just part of my live.

When thinking of future, we are not simply looking it one-way forward. In our research and creative process, we have also investigated back in the time of what we had fantasized, from those futuristic instruments developed in the past, the sounds and format of performance, in which we learned with insights. As everyone would agree, when we talking about future, we cannot just leave the past behind. Present, past, future are indeed happening at the same time together. In this production, we are not so much intended just to take you to the future, but also back to the future.

Technology and future seems to be related subjects. However, the future in my mind is not predominantly of advance technology. If one day, the Earth is no longer a suitable place for living, migrating to Mars may indeed just history repeating itself. The ideal future livings that we are looking for, may not be something that can be found from outside, and it may not has much to do with advance technology. Looking for the future, we can have expedition to the Mars, or we can rediscover of the present moment, from which we can almost see our past and future...

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