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Digital Hug  『電紫兔/克』

-a visual music performance

I started the production / experiment with a simple objective in mind – creating “new instruments for new music”. I invited a few new media artists to work together, and began to develop new kind of musical instruments (or sound installation/ sound sculptures) that are all custom-made particularly for performing my music. The instruments incorporated with new media technology of interactive sensory system, computer programming and mechanical engineering.

Exploration of more dynamic ways in performing music is another important goal for this production. Unlike any electronic music concert, in Digital Hug, I as musician / performer would not just hide behind my laptop or panel in twisting the knobs. I took the word “communication” seriously in my creation and my performance; instruments and installations were designed and created that require most vigorous physical movements in operation/performance in enhancing viewers’ experience in understanding and appreciating the mechanism of new media art in connection to the music they are listening to at the same time. I believe, new media art, electronic music or experimental sound art not necessarily be abstruse and obscure; they could be approachable and joyful to the viewers.

Thematically, Digital Hug is about two seemingly contrasting ideas – “digital” (commonly regarded as inhuman and icy) and “hug” (regarded as interpersonal and intimate) being placed together. Electronic gadgets become parts of our daily life, we make use of them for work, for fun and for communication; technology is not something scary and remote, they are indeed mundane. I hope, by making use of those technology in presenting my ideas and my music; with the hope in bringing viewers with intimate and passionate feelings.

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