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Emergency Kit and Wishing Pool 『急救箱與許願池』

-site-specific performance

Water. Swimming pool, as a scene, is the starting point of this creative ensemble. The moment when one is set adrift, propelled and obstructed in the water inspires me to think about us...

The lightest weight of heaviness,
survives on no bluffing, but shallow breathing,
free from lofty rhythms, made only by weak pulses,
inhales after exhales, goes forth to silent resonance...

I suddenly recall a saying by the British film director Peter Greenaway, 'Water is all about metaphorical rebirth'.

Perhaps I am nonetheless an optimist,
Perhaps I am still alive,
I still believe two negatives make a positive,
I still see light from the end of darkness,
I still wait for rainbow after each storm.

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