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(Keep) Breathing at Zero 『仍...息在零地
-media music performance

Nuked. As if so. In the blink of an eye, 1 turns to 0. Remnant cannot re-glow. So be it. Work on the ZERO. Journaled the burning of ashes. Archived the burnt ashes.


Maybe the research could re-unite; ZERO is the beginning of everything. Possibilities infinitum. At times, feels like an eye, looks like a tree hole. A hint of light as well.


ZERO is followed by 1.


This work is abstract but tactile. Our being is described through staging, sound, and conditions. Yet, what is “being” ? In the process of making, perception of the traditional was discarded, the feeling of “being” is ever closer. The deafening sonic mayhem resonates with the bleakness. The robot of repetition and precision is in fact very human. We are, on the contrary, the most mechanical. Our perception of existence no longer works.


Ground is no longer ZERO. A hint of light emerged.



這個作品看似虛構卻又真實,以場景、聲音和狀態來描繪當下;然而「當下」是什麼?在創作的過程中,除去傳統的感知和觀念(perception),更覺接近當下的現實;然後轟耳而扭曲的聲響反而最能表現這刻的蒼涼,被定義為準確和重複的機械裝置其實很人性,反觀我們的日常才是最機械化,一貫對事物的感知再用不著了,然後0 不再是零,慢慢地,會變成一點光。

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