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One Zero 『一零』

GayBird X Tsai Ming-liang  梁基爵 x 蔡明亮

-a visual music encounter

This boundary-breaking show sees composer and media artist GayBird team up for the first time with Golden Horse Award winning film director Tsai Ming-liang. Intermingling artistic vocabularies to highlight their individual art form’s similarities and differences, the duo set out to build a multi-faceted view of human interaction amid urban life. 

Foregrounding “one” and “zero”, which form the basis of computer language, GayBird examines the relationship between technology and city dwellers, weaving the two digits into a depiction of life’s joys and sorrows and at the same time adding a human touch to cold science through the limitless power of music to reach into the beyond.  

This pioneering cross-disciplinary collaboration will feature a special interactive format, where members of the audience move between music, visual images and architectural space. Enveloped by an endless flow of sounds, they will travel through layers of moving images in search of “one” and “zero” – the clarity and profundity that ultimately reveal the essence of humanity.

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