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Point of View 

-a media music performance

“Point of View” is a visual audio performance, that creates an immersive experience in black box space, through the use of laser diodes, laser projection, interactive motion graphics and live electronic sounds. 

Digital video does not only serve as a backdrop in this piece, but also an important extension which enriches and complements the other visual elements, e.g. laser beams and installations on the stage. 

8 laser diodes are installed on the sound sculpture shooting light beams to the center of the screen. As laser beams appear and move, the audience also see a synchronised interaction between the laser and the video, which traverses the flat screen and animates the whole space where the performances take place. Moreover, mirrors are installed around the stage, as a result of which, the audience see an intricate web of laser beams reflected from the mirrors, and it ever increases the performance's level of sophistication. 

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