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The wings of hippocampus  『海馬迴的翅膀』

air compressor, hitting motor installation, metal structure, outdoor speakers system, DMX lighting and LED panel

If words are a symbol of sound, what sound would a piece of paper without words remind you of? This artwork establishes its tone with eight sound installations, each installation is constituted by paper, motor, air compressor and LED lights. Papers and different parts of these installations not only make different sound but produce different shapes and visual effects at the same time. The recurring sound and movements of the flapping papers sometimes resemble the fluttering wings or a shot at the dartboard. All sounds produced on site are transmitted simultaneously to a computer programme and handled with special effect to strengthen the possibilities of sound. As if a chapter performs with paper, within this chapter full of banging sounds, hope this whole installation can allow your hippocampus to influence different memories and imaginations.

如果文字是一種聲音的象徵,一張沒有文字的紙張又會令你聯想出什麼聲音? 這作品以八組聲音裝置作為主調,每組裝置包含了紙張、摩打、氣壓控制器和 LED,紙張和不同部份的裝置不但構成不同的聲響,同時也衍生不同的形態和視 覺效果。一下下拍打紙張的聲音和形態,有時好像在拍打的翅膀,有時也像被槍 擊的鏢靶;所有現場的聲音會即時傳送到電腦程式,並以電腦效果處理,從而增 強聲音的可能性。整個作品就像一首用紙張演奏的樂章,從這充滿着撞擊聲響的樂章中,希望能令你大腦的海馬迴牽動不同記憶和幻想。

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