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When the Rain Stops 『當雨在停』


Aluminium hemisphere and structure, plastic marbles, custom made motor system, computer programming

The sound of rain reminds us of the cycles of nature, the fluid flow of time, and the changing state of water. But has the thought ever crossed your mind that we take these things for granted? If the rain stops, perhaps it will never fall again. And does that mean time might also then run out?


This work of art explores ideas associated with these cycles of nature, the flow of time and the philosophy of existence. Small beads on the surface of four hemispheric installations spinning clockwise or anticlockwise by the forces of gravity run and interact sometimes following the flow of time and sometimes according to their specific rhythms, as if rain were playing music. Silence emerges as the installations become motionless in the gaps between different rhythms. The silence is a siren, a moment for us to look at and reflect on ourselves and our surroundings and to remind ourselves that our future depends on the present.

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